The Chaos Court

NOTE: South Window Press and I are donating all proceeds from The Chaos Court through April 30th to The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina to support the great work they are doing alleviating hunger. As schools close, students who depend on school meals need our help. Please support your local charities that are continuing school meal programs until the COVID-19 pandemic passes.

Cover by Rocío Martín Osuna

“Are you a witch?

Crowquill’s black eyes glittered in the low lamp light. “Would it matter, Patience Fell?”

Would it?

Back in the country, witches were still kindled from time to time. Patience wanted nothing to do with witches.

On the other hand, the kinds of things she’d been seeing in town could probably only be explained by a witch—or something as bad as a witch, anyway. And she did want explanations. Slowly, she shook her head.


A classic children’s fantasy adventure about bravery in the face of the unknown and fighting the weirdest fairies you’ve never heard of.

Strange things are afoot in Whosebourne.

An invisible offaltosser throws trash everywhere. Patience Fell gets blamed. Cobblemaulers dig up the streets at night. Patience Fell gets blamed. Gabledancers stomp through the roof…

Patience is done taking the blame.

She digs into the mystery, with the doubtful help of a very old book, the crazy crow-lady in the attic, and a wheezy boy named Linus who just might be a wizard.

What Patience finds unleashes an ancient enemy called the Chaos Court and catapults her into a world of magic and danger beyond her wildest imagination.

It’ll take all her courage (and a few good whacks with a kitchen broom) to save herself, her friends, and the whole town from certain doom.

The Chaos Court blends the whimsy of classic children’s fantasy like Alice in Wonderland with the modern imagination of Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland Series.

Order The Chaos Court today! It is also available for pre-order from your local bookstore (support independents!) or other venues. I recommend Quail Ridge Books if you’re in or near Raleigh. If you are an independent bookseller, please contact them at and they’d be happy to tell readers about you!

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