About the Author

Jake Burnett grew up in seven countries on four continents and now lives in North Carolina with his wife and two full-time career dogs. His debut novel, The Chaos Court, was one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2020. When he’s not creating stories or tormenting his friends in tabletop RPGs, his ego keeps writing checks his body can’t cash by running Spartan races or careening down wilderness trails.


The Witch & The City

A witch without memories. A city without hope. Can love save them both?

The prison-city of Osylum floats in the midst of an endless abyss. The reclusive Lady rules it; distant, inscrutable, and never seen. Her will is imposed by the Wardens, eldritch creatures who tend to the convicts’ needs but also ruthlessly purge anyone who tries to escape.


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The Dream and the Muse

 A cosmic adventure about the boundless power of a young woman’s potential.

When Madarena first meets the old rogue Apophax, she assumes she’s dreaming. After all, he wears a coat made of hedgehog quills, changes size at will, and treats the laws of physics as merely suggested guidelines. Very quickly, she learns she’s stepped into a world...

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The Chaos Court

Strange things are afoot in Whosebourne.

An invisible offaltosser throws trash everywhere. Patience Fell gets blamed. Cobblemaulers dig up the streets at night. Patience Fell gets blamed. Gabledancers stomp through the roof…

Patience is done taking the blame.

She digs into the mystery, with the doubtful help of a very old book, the crazy crow-lady...

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